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Here are some examples of Elaine's piano playing, including her original composition, "The Journey Home".

Time 2 Shine

The album, "Time 2 Shine" was inspired by Elaine Joe's first solo piano performance. Having waited 30 years to do this, it seemed only right to celebrate it with the release of her second CD. Time 2 Shine celebrates all those brave souls who take that first step out towards courage, away from fear. And as a result, inspire the rest of us to Shine!

Relax With Franck & Elaine

Inspired by a crazy romance that began in Oz, on a stopover to Vancouver, two musicians fall in love in the space of an evening. Three weeks later they have their first date in Venice. Together, they travel through Verona, Lake Como, Paris, and the Loire Valley. In a music shop in Paris, Franck discovers that Elaine plays piano. By the time they part in Avignon, they've written and notated a song in the tiny town of Breve.

Eight months later they reconnect and sparks fly. Their first album was recorded in Kiama, Australia, then finished in Vancouver, Canada. The first 11 tracks feature piano music by Elaine. The next 11 tracks feature classical guitar music by Franck Sala.

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" Your passion for music in general, and piano in particular, is obvious and contagious. " 

Michael Shankland

Investment Specialist, Scotiabank

Elaine is available to play for your private or special event from her home Zoomed to yours.  Prior to Covid, she played for weddings, funerals and corporate events.  In the summer, she subs in regularly at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver for their Sunday service.  She also plays organ for the Holy Japanese Anglican Church's Sunday service on occasion.

She enjoys playing romantic ballads, songs from musicals and movies along with classical pieces.  Over the years, world music has crept into her repertoire influenced by the choirs she has accompanied since 2005.

As a collaborative artist, she has access to a variety of musicians including:  violists, accordionists, violinists, guitarists and singers.  If you're looking for a music duo or ensemble, let's talk.

Contact her at for more info.

Upcoming Events

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" Over a period of several years, Elaine has been instrumental in helping me not only to remember how to play, but to stop being hard on myself and to start to enjoy the piano for the first time in my life."

Penny Goldsmith,

Highs & Lows Chairperson

Piano Lessons

Elaine is an innovative teacher who uses fun, alternative methods to get you through your blocks in a kind and compassionate manner she says, “I play at being: Curious, inquisitive, fun and imaginative in a relaxed and enthusiastic manner.

I’m happy when my students ‘get it’ by having that ‘ah ha moment’ or nailing it!”

If you want to learn piano in the comfort of your own home, let's talk. I'll spend some time with you figuring out what you want to learn and if you have any goals in mind. If you just want a few lessons to figure out something about your playing, or if you want more regular lessons, I'll be happy to accommodate your requests.

As with anything, just begin it. "Boldness has magic, power and genius in it." Goethe

"I always looked forward to our lessons and I found myself deliriously happy seated next to you as we laughed at my mistakes and celebrated my progress.  You nurtured in me a creative streak that I was not previously aware existed. You made me comfortable enough to be silly and not care how it sounded. I found playing with you to be a truly liberating and transformative experience. " 

Michael Shankland

Teacher's Bio

Elaine started Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) piano at the age of four. At age nine, she studied under Edward Parker, teacher of world renowned concert pianists Jon Kimura and Jamie Parker. By age ten she won the silver medal across Canada for the highest RCM mark in grade six.

In the same year at Courtenay Youth Music Camp, an acclaimed school for fostering young musicians, she performed with her first string quartet and opera singer. She was mentored by Robert Silverman, a Canadian pianist well known for his pedagogy.

Practicing for Performances

Competitively Elaine performed from 1977 to 1979 in the Burnaby Clef Society, Kiwanis, Coquitlam and North Shore Music Festivals. She won the J.G. Skorah Challenge Trophy, 1st Place in 20th Century Composers and 1st Place in Duets with her brother, three years in a row.


Having reached grade 10 with the RCM, Elaine decided at age 14, that it was time to learn a new genre of music. She then studied Popular piano for two years to learn chording and left hand patterns. She then took a break to get her Bachelors in Business Admin and a Minor in Communications at Simon Fraser University.

One Day... I would love to fly this CF-18 fighter jet!

Her business career took her to Bermuda, where she also studied jazz piano with Vic Glazer, arranger to Debbie Reynolds and Frankie Avalon.

On her return to Vancouver, she decided to learn how to fly a plane and was introduced by her flight instructor to blues pianist Darryl Havers, keyboardist for Terminal Station and Brickhouse. She studied blues piano with Havers while learning how to fly.

Since then Elaine has played piano with a diverse group of choirs, singers, guitarists and violinists. She’s played keyboard with the “10th Ave Trio”, organ and accordion with the funk band, “Lovedrunk” and improvisational accordion with the Spanish group “Sureando”.
Lovedrunk relaxes after creating a promo video Maggie, Elaine, Yossi, James, Vinay & Trevor

On the vocal side, Elaine leads section rehearsals regularly with two of her choirs and engages in vocal training, a tradition carried through from high school when she coached the musical leads through their vocal parts.

In her spare time, she enjoys getting into mischief, dances, plays djembe on the beach and is learning cello. Her latest ventures include hosting “Art Heals”, a mental health podcast, and composing accordion and piano music with Thomas Beckman, a talented viola player.